Robust and Simplistic
Where functionality and style merge, a robust and timeless drinking solution for any environment.


A design for flexibility 
The range was created with flexibility, allowing it to flourish in all environments – from the boardroom to the gym. Its compact size, large dispense, and flexible water options position it as the premium solution.


A reimagined classic 
Built on the strong foundations of the b2 range, this product boasts additional features including a larger dispense area, integrated cup dispenser, and the option of sparkling water.


An established classic 
The strength of this range lies in its reliability and simplistic design. The b2 is our well-established classic with a robust, stylish, and timeless execution.


A design like no other
The b5 refreshment range represents the ultimate union of high end functionality with incomparable design. The unique streamlined design of this range will add an extra element of sophistication to any environment.

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